Affiliate Marketing Program

Looking for a passive revenue stream? Advanced Leather Solutions has recently launched an affiliate marketing program. We are looking for leather restoration professionals, trade-related service providers, bloggers, or anyone with active web traffic that may be of interest to consumers looking for effective leather care and maintenance products, or professional technicians who are looking for leather repair and restoration products.

Simply sign up for the program, place a relevant link in an area of your website, post, or blog that may interest a possible customer, and if they choose to click through and make a purchase, you get a piece of that transaction. We handle everything, from order processing to shipping, and customer service.

Our commission rates are currently 15% for first tier referrals, and 5% for second tier. If you refer someone to us that becomes an affiliate, you get 5% of their sales, too!

Our commissions are paid monthly. There is a $50 commission minimum, that accrues with each sale, regardless if the minimum is met in the one month pay-period or not. As soon as you meet the minimum, your check (or payment via PayPal) will be issued on the designated day of that month (currently the 15th).

PLEASE NOTE - As of 8/16/2010, our affiliate program is suspended while administrative changes are being made. Our tentative re-launch date is 9/1/2010. All sign-ups are suspended until the program is made active again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you want more information, e-mail

You carry no inventory, incur no shipping costs, and are not responsible for any customer service issues. If you can bring us customers, we'll pay you for it!

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