Is your fine automobile leather damaged, worn, or simply in the need of sprucing up? Are you looking for the best leather care and maintenence products for your automobile's leather interior? Advanced Leather Solutions has the materials and knowledge to address these issues. Whatever the vintage or pedigree of your auto, we have what it takes to care for, repair, and restore your car's interior.

If you have a classic or antique automobile, then our primary aim is preservation of the original leather. Our first priority is always to save and preserve the original leather, as this is integral to the valuation of the vehicle. We have recently completed an extensive, innovative restoration of the leather interior of a 1953 Jaguar XK-120. The process incorporated both traditional and new chemistries and techniques, including the resolution of oil saturation, fiber separation and break-down, finish failure, pH damage, and other issues. The result was both a structural and aesthetic success, while retaining the original materials, and the current antique patina. We extensively documented the process using video. A teaser video is available via YouTube here. The full project video is available here.

Leather used in an auto interior is a very different animal (so to speak) than that used for furniture, or any other leather upholstery application. It must survive temperature extremes and UV exposure that would quickly devastate a leather used in a furniture upholstery application. Imagine how many times you slide in and out of your car, abrading that outer wing of the seat and lumbar section of the driver's seat, as opposed to even the favorite seating area of your leather sofa. The leather used in automotive applications is heavily finished, and those finishes are designed to be extensively wear-resistant, and chemically-resistant, using resins that will stand up to the abuse that most interiors are subjected to.

If you are looking for do-it-yourself repair and restoration solutions, visit our DIY solutions website automotive section. If you need more information regarding your specific automotive project, whatever the scope of the project may be, email, or call (800) 541-5982, and let us know what you're trying to accomplish.

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