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Barcelona Replacement Components

Replacement Straps

Replacement Barcelona straps are a specialty of ours. We've been making replica Barcelona straps for years. It is important to note that we use only the finest, hand-selected, top-grain leather hides, offering many years of durability. We hand-craft each Barcelona strap to order. They are cut to the exact width and length as specified. We then punch the holes, for attaching the straps to the frame, pre-form the ends for ease of installation, and color them to the specification defined by the client. Typical time-line for production is 3 Ė 4 weeks. There are 17 straps in total (on original Barcelona chairs. Other configurations of the Barcelona, such as the sofa, ottoman, or reproductions of each, may differ. Please inspect your piece, and specify total number of straps required.).

We are experts at color matching. Send us a sample from your piece and we will create the straps and color them to your specifications. Furthermore, if you only need one or two straps and the rest are still in good condition, then send us all the straps, we can refinish the ones that donít need replacement, making them all appear like-new.


The cost of replacement straps is $75 per strap. The cost of a full standard chair set is $1275 ($75 x 17 straps = $1275). There are discounts for multiple sets of straps (presuming the same color).

Cost to refinish existing straps is $15 per strap, with a 10 strap minimum.

To this fee add shipping, usually starting at $25.00 (insured UPS ground). Sales tax applies if you are a resident of California.

Replacement Cushions

Please call (800) 541-5982, or email for availability and pricing information for replacement barcelona cushions.

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