Leather Care for Finished Leathers:

There are two maintenance considerations:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Conditioning

Cleaning: A good rule of general maintenance is periodic dusting with a damp cloth. You should do this with the same frequency that you dust the wood furniture in your home. You'll be surprised at how effective a damp white towel can be at removing topical soiling.

If that’s not sufficient, then the SG series of products from ADVLeather.com are the best form of maintenance. Whether applied to automobile-grade or upholstery-grade leather, the SG series has been chemically engineered using the finest ingredients available. They have powerful cleaning properties, yet are pH balanced for leather (4.5-5 on the pH scale).

To learn more about them read on, or to place an on-line order go here.


SG–5 is a creamy, non-greasy leather cleaner. The active cleaning ingredients are surfactants in combination with mild degreasing agents. You’re familiar with surfactants as hair shampoos are typically surfactants. The most effective methodology is to apply a generous amount of SG–5 on to an exfoliating glove, a micro-fiber cloth, or a terry cloth towel. Then, gently scrub the leather surface. These application methods have a little bit of “tooth”. As such they help to lift the soil from the leather. The idea is to apply the SG–5 to the leather, gently scrubbing a bit to help loosen the soil. Then let the cleaning solution sit on the leather for a few minutes to allow the chemical action of the surfactants to work. Finally, remove the soapy residue with a white towel, turning the towel periodically to a clean section as you go. Make sure to remove all soapy residue. If you are faced with deep, ground-in soiling, re-clean that area again with the same procedure. Please note: The resins used in leather finishing span a wide chemical range - acrylics, urethanes, rubber derivatives, etc.. Most of them provide adequate chemical resistance, but do not take this for granted. As with any cleaner, always test in an inconspicuous area before proceeding. Click services page, for more information about our leather repair and restoration services, and why cleaning alone may not be enough of a remedy.

Conditioning: The purpose of conditioning leather is to restore lost moisture. From the factory, leather typically has about a 25% moisture content. As leather is porous, it loses its moisture through evaporation at a rate dependent upon two variables: 1). Ambient humidity level, and 2). Heat. The dryer and hotter the environment, the quicker the leather will lose its moisture. The recommended frequency for applying conditioners is a function of the environment. For example, in an automobile, the head rests and top of the rear seat backrests tend to dry out very quickly due to direct, prolonged sun exposure. If your home furnishings are directly exposed to sun (placed near a window or slider), near a heating vent, or other heat source like a fire place, then those exposed areas should be conditioned on an accelerated regimen. As a general rule, we recommend conditioning leather 3 – 4 times a year.

SG–25 or SG–50 are the most appropriate conditioners. Both products have other properties. To learn more about them, read on, or to place an on-line order go here.


SG–25 is both a conditioner and protector, combining three basic essentials – leather moisturizing, stain protection, and an anti-microbial – this product prolongs the life of your fine automotive, home, or office leather goods. Its non-darkening formula is appropriate for the broadest range of leather, including delicate leather. SG–25 has a silky-smooth feel. It isn’t greasy like other leather conditioners. Go here to order it now and you’ll find out why so many people love this product.


SG–50 cleans, conditions, protects and rejuvenates leather. When you only want the best of the best for your leather, SG–50 is for you. It has a gentle, pH-sensitive cleaning and moisturizing action, together with robust protection and rejuvenating attributes. Its creamy texture won’t darken sensitive leather. SG–50 leaves a soft, non-greasy feel to your leather. Try it on your older leather pieces and see them come back to life. Go here to order now.

These conditioning remedies will offer additional soil-resistance, and will maintain moisture content. It is not advised to over-condition any of your leather items. As previously noted, the frequency necessary for the conditioning of your leather is a function of the moisture content in your environment. If it's a very dry climate, such as Arizona or other desert states, then conditioning every 6 weeks or so may be appropriate, whereas if you live in a damp climate with higher ambient humidity levels in your home, then the leather will not lose its moisture as quickly. Therefore, conditioning 1-2 times per year should be sufficient.

Cleaner/conditioner bundle

Our Cleaner/Conditioner Bundle puts the cleaning power of SG-5, and the conditioning and protective capabilities of SG-25 together, along with two excellent tools to further improve your leather care results. Included in the kit are 16oz. of SG-5, 8oz. of SG-25, our "Leather Lather" glove (great for gentle, yet effective deep-cleansing action), and a micro-fiber towel (a low-lint, incredibly absorptive material), plus explicit instructions to guide you through the process. A $45.00 value for $39.95! Click here to order.

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