Product Description and Application Sheet

Finished Leather Primer (PR-2)

Description: PR-2 is a water-based resin used both to promote adhesion on finished leather. (Finished leather has a pigmented topical color coating.) It is a solvent-tolerant soft resin that is able to establish a bed on the leather that will provide a good base for adhesion of colors or fillers.

If you have adhesion inhibitors (body oils, silicone-based products like Armor-All) on or in the leather, they should be removed before application of PR-2. Consult our technical team for advice in these circumstances.

Application: Please note: PR-2 should never be used on unfinished, raw or nude (aniline-dyed) leathers as it will significantly stiffen the leather and cannot be reversed. Instead use PR-1 for appropriate adhesion on unfinished leather.

PR-2 should be reduced 1:3 with denatured alcohol or acetone in a sealable container. HDPE or PET plastic bottles are recommended. Do not store acetone-based mixture in PVC plastic containers.

The primer mixture can be applied with a sponge, foam block, or cotton rag in an over-lapping circular motion.

Solvent handling and application procedures should be observed while applying the primer mixture (proper ventilation, respiratory protection, gloves, etc.).

The primer does not have an extended cure time. Once the solvent has evaporated, the area where the primer was applied can have filler or colors applied immediately.

For additional technical information or support, please call (800) 541-5982, or e-mail

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