Advanced Leather Solutions, Inc. Services Division is for sale.

Advanced Leather Solutions, Inc. has been in business repairing and restoring leather furniture for 29 years with many thousands of satisfied customers, most located in the SF bay area.

There are two elements to our current business:

These are effectively two separate businesses. As such they each require full time focus to reach their full potential. So, we are separating into two companies. We will continue to develop, and sell our products under the name ADV Leather. We will divest our interest in the service business, Advanced Leather Solutions, Inc. to the right party. Simply put, itís up for sale.

The repair and restoration of leather furniture and automotive leather is the heart of the service business. With an established location in the Hayward, CA, the center of the Bay Area, our clients range across much of northern California.

Here are the high points:

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