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Technician discount

Postby jmurray2112 » Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:12 pm

Most of you already know this, but it came up today in a phone conversation, so I figured I would document it here where everyone could have access to it.
It is our standing policy to extend a 10% discount to technicians who place orders in excess of $500. That is single transaction, not cumulative. Our online shopping cart has been hit and miss about applying coupons, so you'd need to either call, text, or email your order to me to make sure that the discount is applied. Another advantage to doing this is that the shipping charges when processed through the online cart tend to be a bit higher than if we run them directly, so you can save both ways by getting your order to us by these other means.
My contact information is on the website. The direct line # is my cell phone (the 800# rings through to Kevin and Yvonne, though if you place your order with them, they will make sure to get it to me), and my email can be found in the footer of every page on the site, as well as the "contact us" page.
I know that more and more of you are taking advantage of this, and hope that it will be beneficial to those of you who may not yet know about it. :D
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