omersa leather animal

From minor repairs to major restorations, we can (in most cases) bring your Omersa leather animal back to life.

We can replace damaged or missing parts with either Omersa factory replacements, or ALS fabricated parts based on your animal's design, or possibly repair existing parts.

Photos of your animal's ailments will help us to provide the best diagnosis and treatment options.

Your animal will be provided the best care. Treatment time varies, most falling within a 4-6 week window, though serious injuries can take longer.

To view a video overview of one of our Omersa animal restorations, click here. To browse Omersa's website, click here.

Please note - If your animal arrives for treatment without a name provided by you, we will give them a temporary one for the duration of their stay. If they are slow to respond to commands when they return home, you'll know why.

Please direct all treatment inquiries to via email, or call (800) 541-5982.