ADV Leather Conditioner

To protect and preserve the long-term beauty of your leather it’s important that you take a few moments to review these simple care and maintenance steps. While these general conditioning instructions will apply to all finished leathers, it is not always evident that the leather has a finish on it. Therefore always test in an obscure area before doing a cleaning or conditioning task.

Application: Dusting - Regularly wipe the piece with a lightly dampened white cotton cloth to take off topical dust.

Conditioning - While this product has some light cleaning properties, its primary purpose is conditioning your leather. It is intended for use on “finished” grade leather however it’s applicable to most unfinished leathers as well. As a note of caution . . . Some unfinished leather is very absorbent (porous). An example is calf skin. This type of leather is spectacularly soft and supple. However, it is also vulnerable aesthetically. Most unfinished leather is referred to as “full aniline” leather. It is open-pored with no surface-sealer finish and will potentially darken with the application of any cleaner or conditioner. Additionally the darkening affect may be uneven and blotchy. This darkening and unevenness typically dissipates with 15 – 30 minutes. In some cases it may not dissipate completely. As a result, it is always important to do a test. Apply some solution to the underside of a cushion or other non-visible area where you can evaluate the effect, before you apply it to more visible leather panels. Depending upon how dry your environment is will determine frequency of use. In a dry, desert environment – apply every 4 – 6 weeks, while in a damp, rainy environment perhaps one application per year is sufficient.

Place a teaspoon size dollop on a clean, moist, white, cotton cloth. Massage it into the cloth, and apply evenly to the leather surface. Repeat this process, turning the cloth frequently, using clean sections of the cloth until all leather surfaces have been covered. Allow time (1 – 2 hours) to fully dry.

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