ADV Leather Protector

ADV Leather Protector is a water-based leather conditioner with built-in leather protection and surface fiber restoration. It is a non-flammable material. Please note that while this product has some light cleaning properties, its primary purpose is conditioning and protecting your leather. ADV Leather Protector should NOT be used on nubuck, suede, or very vulnerable leather such as calf skin. Some leather is unfinished. Often referred to as “full aniline” leather, it is open-pored with no surface-sealer finish and will potentially darken with the application of any conditioner/protector. While ADV Leather Protector is chemically engineered not to darken, it is important to do a test.

Apply ADV Leather Protector to the underside of a cushion or other non-visible place on the leather where you can evaluate the effect. Let it dry. Do this first before you apply it to more visible leather panels.

Application: Dusting - Regularly wipe the piece with a lightly dampened white cotton cloth to take off topical dust.

Place a teaspoon size dollop of ADV Leather Protector on a clean, white, cotton cloth. Massage it into the cloth, and apply evenly to the leather surface. Repeat this process, turning the cloth frequently, using clean sections of the cloth until all leather surfaces have been covered. Allow time (1 – 2 hours) to fully dry. For increased protection on the high traffic areas (seats and top of armrests) apply 2 – 3 light coats. Let it dry in between each coat.

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