Rub-coat Additive

Description: Rub-coat additive is used to provide technicians the flexibility of converting our 2 step color-coat/top-coat system into a single step rub-on system. It toughens the color-coat, raising wear and chemical resistance, without a subsequent clear-coat application. This allows for easier in-home application, greatly reducing typical tape-off times, and over-spray concerns. The rub-on system allows for color freshen-ups, rather than more extensive, off-site refinishes, lowering cost for clients, while shortening project times and raising profitability for technicians.

Application: RCA is mixed with pre-matched colors at a ratio of 2:3 (2 parts RCA to 3 parts color). The mixture can then applied to prepared leather surfaces using a variety of application tools (foam brush, foam block, low-lint rag, etc.). Proper preparation or priming of the leather surfaces should be done prior to color application, as with any color application system.

Once applied, colors can air-dry (oxidation), or can be force-cured using a heat-gun or radiant heat source. Oxidation curing times will be dictated by ambient issues such as temperature or humidity.

As with most finish mediums, any RCA/color mixture should be well-shaken and filtered prior to application.

RCA is water-based and has a low toxicity, though proper ventilation and safety measures are recommended. RCA MSDS is available here.

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MSDS is available via this link.