Oil Extractor (OE-1)

Description: OE-1 oil extractor is used to extract excess oils from leather. It is a gel mixture that can be applied directly to the affected area. The solvent component penetrates the leather fiber structure, and helps to bring the oil to the surface where the absorbent component draws the oil into itself. The process is repeated until enough oil has been removed to either resolve the stain, or remove enough oil to gain adhesion for any subsequent restoration procedures.

Application: The extractor gel mixture can be applied with a foam brush, foam block, or paint brush. Apply the gel mixture to an applicator of choice, and apply evenly to the effected area. The thicker the swipes of extractor, the better, as more material will allow for maximum absorption of oil per application.

Once the solvent has fully evaporated (1-4 hrs., depending on ambient conditions), areas where oil is still present will remain dark, and any area where oil is no longer present will show as a white powder in the application area.

Several applications can be done, one on top of the other, without the removal of the extractor. Allowing the previous application of extractor to remain will help to specifically target remaining oil accumulation, as you can put each subsequent application only on the dark areas from each previous application.

Removal of the extractor can be accomplished with a shop or cotton rag and either OMS, Naptha, or D-Limonene. Dry white powder (no oil present) can also be vacuumed off.

Use of a particle mask is recommended, as the solids component of the extractor is lighter than air, therefore is easily made airborne once the solvent has evaporated.

Solvent handling and application procedures should be observed while applying or removing the extractor gel mixture (proper ventilation, respiratory protection, be aware of possible ignition sources, wear gloves, etc.).

The extractor works best and fastest if applied to a raw leather surface. If you are working with a finished leather, stripping the effected area before extractor application will dramatically speed up the extraction process.

The effectiveness of the extractor is greatly diminished if the ambient temperature is below 60 degrees. If used in a cooler environment, we recommend that a radiative heat source, such as a shop light, be positioned to warm the application area. The treated area should be warm, but not hot. This will help to both lower the viscosity of the oils present, allowing them to move to the surface more easily, and also to allow the solvent to evaporate quickly.

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MSDS is available via this link.