Oil Blocker

Description: Oil blocker is a clear resin that is difficult to plasticize (to make sticky). It can act as a barrier coat between light oil accumulations in leather and any subsequent color/top-coat applications. It is not meant as a substitute for oil extraction on heavily saturated areas, as its barrier properties can be overwhelmed by too much oil. Some applications where oil blocker might be suitable would be auto interior steering wheels or center console, on refinishes of leather types that have been tanned with whole oils (migratory) instead of sulfonated oils (non-migratory), on areas that have gone through oil extraction but may still have residual oils present, etc.

Application Methods and Recommendations

Oil blocker should be spray-applied for uniformity and full coverage. 4-5 coats are recommended, as the solids content of oil blocker are somewhat low. Each coat should be allowed to air dry. If a heat gun or hair-dryer are used, they should be on the air-only setting. Heat will lower the viscosity of any underlying oils and encourage migration, which is obviously counter-productive.

Once complete coverage in the target area is achieved and the resin is dry, color or top-coat can be applied. We recommend that the first few coats over the oil blocker be light applications. The oil blocker is water-soluble even after fully drying, so too much moisture from a heavy coat may cause problems. Again, let the first couple of coats fully dry without heat assist. Then heavier coats can be applied.

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