SG-1 Spray Grain

Description: SG-1 Spray Grain is used to re-create a grain pattern on repaired areas prior to color application. Fill compounds are used to level areas of damaged or missing material, but once the affected areas are brought up to level, they are typically mirror-flat, and not representative of the surrounding grain patterning. Spray Grain can be spray applied to these areas to simulate the adjacent grain pattern, disguising the repaired area.

Application: SG-1 Spray Grain can be applied using a mouth atomizer, siphon-feed airbrush, or HVLP equipment, depending on the scope of the area needing to have the grain restored. The technique is similar to repairing texture on a wall or ceiling after repairs to drywall have been accomplished.

Spray Grain can be allowed to air-dry, or curing can be assisted by heat-gun, hair-dryer, or ambient heat source such as a shop light or lamp.

SG-1 Spray Grain can be diluted up to 10% with water, to relax the individual height of each droplet, changing the the topography of the spray pattern. Once cured, Spray Grain is wet and dry-sandable.

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