Top-Coatings (TC-1 to TC-4)

Description: Our top-coats are designed as a final coating to add chemical- and wear-resistance to areas where color-coats are used, as well as determining the final sheen (or reflective value) in the application area.

We ship our top-coats in concentrate form, so they need to be reduced 1:1 with water. We do this in order to maintain shelf-life longevity for the top-coatings containing dulling agents (TC-2 and TC-3). Please refer to the following application section for specific information regarding usage.

Application: Top-coats should be reduced 1:1 with water in a sealable container, and can be mixed in any ratio with one another, except TC-4 (Desktop Gloss). TC-4 is a very hard, rigid resin, and is meant for application on rigid substrates, such as desk or table tops. It can be used to toughen the other top-coatings (for commercial or high-traffic settings, for example), but should not represent more than 10% of any top-coat mixture in its diluted form. Filtering of the mixture upon first usage is not mandatory, but generally recommended for TC-2 and TC-3. Filtering of subsequent uses is strongly recommended for all top-coatings.

Top-coatings, once reduced 1:1 with water, can be applied directly to the leather surface using a sponge, brush, or cloth, but for uniform application results, an air-brush or HVLP spray system is recommended.

Any product mixture remaining can be stored and re-used, but should be well-shaken and filtered prior to re-use, for mixtures containing TC-2 or TC-3 in particular.

Once applied, top-coats can air-dry (oxidation), or can be force-cured using a heat-gun or radiant heat source. Oxidation curing times will be dictated by ambient issues such as temperature or humidity.

All top-coats are water-based and non-toxic, though proper ventilation and safety measures are recommended. MSDS can be made available on request.

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MSDS is available via these links: TC-1 | TC-2 | TC-3 | TC-4