Typical Configurations


$190 Custom
  • Stock: $165

Loveseat (Settee)

$240 Custom
  • Stock: $215

Sofa (3 seat)

$290 Custom
  • Stock: $265

Chair with Ottoman

$220 Custom
  • Stock: $200

Sofa and Chair

$385 Custom
  • Stock: $335

Sofa, Chair and Otto.

$410 Custom
  • Stock: $360

Sofa and Loveseat

$440 Custom
  • Stock: $390

Sofa, Loveseat & Chair

$500 Custom
  • Stock: $450

2 Sofas

$465 Custom
  • Stock: $415

2 Loveseats

$385 Custom
  • Stock: $335

2 Chairs

$285 Custom
  • Stock: $255

2 Chairs and 2 Otto.

$330 Custom
  • Stock: $280

Sofa, Loveseat, Chair & Otto.

$540 Custom
  • Stock: $490


5 seat

$440 Custom
  • Stock: $390

6 seat

$475 Custom
  • Stock: $425

7 seat

$575 Custom
  • Stock: $525

Each additional seat

$40 Custom
  • Stock: $40

Chaise add-on

$60 Custom
  • Stock: $60

Automotive (including Nordkap)





We want to put our 25 years of experience into your hands.

The custom-match pricing reflected here is based on the order of a custom color-matched kit, where we would have photos of your project, and a color sample to match to. It could either be a sample of your original leather in the form of a swatch or a cushion casing, if you are matching the original color, or a representative sample of the color you want to change to (swatch of leather, paint chip, watch-band, etc.).

We have 15 stock colors available that would be $25 - $50 less, and would not require you to send a color sample. These can be found on our products page. We would still recommend that you send photos of your project to us, so that we might be able to identify potential problems, and provide guidance towards solving them. Please see our guarantee page for more information about the benefits of our involvement in your project.

We can say with confidence that we are the most complete, well-documented, and experienced system available, giving you the best chance at a professional-level restoration without the professional-level price tag. If you have a furniture configuration not identified in this chart, please contact us. Any questions you have can be answered either by an email to kevin@advleather.com, or a phone call to (800) 541-5982.