Hard plastics, vinyl, and water-based systems

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Hard plastics, vinyl, and water-based systems

Postby jmurray2112 » Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:32 pm

I’ve talked with a couple of people this week about applying our products to hard plastics, or vinyl. For those of you who deal primarily with automobile interiors, this is a recurring issue.

Based on my own experiences, as well as feedback from other techs, I’m confident that our products work just fine. Provided you prime before applying color or top-coat, and in areas subject to heavy abrasion you cross-link the top-coat, repair performance should be fine.

It’s all about the bond of the repair materials to the substrate. With water-based systems like ours (and any others), bonding to something with a different chemical composition like plastic or vinyl will sometimes require an intermediary to tie the repair materials to the substrate material. PR-1 works well when mixed with our cleaner (SG-4 formulation) to provide a tie coat between dissimilar materials.
The exception here would be Vinyl Repair Compound. When repairing vinyl, do not prime before using VRC. A water-based primer is incompatible with VRC. Apply the repair compound first, then prime the repair area for subsequent color and top-coat application.

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