Removing oil extractor residue

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Removing oil extractor residue

Postby jmurray2112 » Mon Mar 16, 2020 8:31 pm

I was talking with a tech in CO a few days ago, and he mentioned to me that he'd found a good tool to remove oil extractor residue after oil extraction was complete. Both techs and our DIY kit customers have mentioned this a number of times over the years. After extensive oil extraction, even after flushing with naptha or OMS, a white residue remains, which is the result of the extractor powder being caught in the low areas of the leather texture. Our advice has always been to not worry about it, to just prime over it, and color intervention afterwards will solve the problem.
This tech made the point that it takes more coats of color to cover the bright white of the oil extractor residue, resulting in more resin coating in those areas than necessary, which has an effect on how those areas feel after restoration.
He uses the Mr. Clean magic erasers, and says that they work very well to remove the residue. I hadn't used them for this purpose before, but it makes good sense, as they are very effective micro-abrasives, able to remove surface contaminants without damaging or abrading leather surfaces. He is able to remove the white extractor residue, and subsequently is able to apply fewer coats of color in those affected areas, retaining more of the leather feel. I told him I would post this and credit him.
So, hats off to Michael Lowrie, of Leatherman Restoration in Denver, CO. Well done, you.

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