Product Description and Usage Sheets/MSDS

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Product Description and Usage Sheets/MSDS

Postby jmurray2112 » Tue Aug 27, 2019 6:50 pm

If you are looking for information about our professional products and how to use them, that info is available on the professional products page on the website (
Navigate to the product you are interested in, and at the tail end of the product description, there should be a link to the Product Information and Application sheet. Each one will tell you what the product is used for, and how it is applied. At the bottom of each of these sheets, there will be a link to a .pdf version of the MSDS for that product.
If you have a client who is requesting an SDS, rather than a MSDS, let me know. They both contain essentially the same information, but SDS is a newer, expanded, and more specific format. I currently only have the SDS for CC-1 through 16, but can convert the rest as necessary. It's a pain, and I'm only going to do them as prompted, but I will if you need one.
I don't currently have these available on the consumer products page (cleaner, conditioner, etc.), but it's on my to-do list. If you need any of those, let me know.

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