COVID-19 and our maintenance product line

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COVID-19 and our maintenance product line

Postby jmurray2112 » Wed Apr 08, 2020 4:23 pm

Our cleaner, conditioner, and protector products all have an anti-microbial ingredient added to them. On the product label indicating what the anti-microbial is effective against, there is a rather large list, including Hep B and C, HIV, Staph, SARS, etc. This list includes the human coronavirus, but does not specifically list the COVID-19 strain, which makes sense since it is so newly introduced to the world at large. I visited the manufacturers website to further investigate this and found a disclaimer prominently displayed regarding COVID-19.
The bottom line of the disclaimer is that the anti-microbial component is probably effective against the virus in its pure state (for example, treating a surface during the time the virus is active, before it dies on its own), but not necessarily able to neutralize it after the fact (an example of this would be having applied a treatment incorporating the anti-microbial to a surface before it was exposed to the virus).
My take-away from this is that our cleaner is definitely effective against COVID-19, as it hits the virus on two fronts. It has the anti-microbial additive to neutralize the virus, as well as a surfactant (industrial soap) that will dissolve the lipid outer coating of the virus, destroying it (this being why the WHO and CDC are pushing people to wash everything with soap and water). The difference between our cleaner, and just using soap and water is that we acidify our cleaner, so that the pH is much closer to that which leather is tanned at, rather than the inherent alkalinity of soap, which can damage leather by altering its pH over multiple applications.
Our conditioner and protector are probably effective against the virus as they are being applied, as they have the anti-microbial additive as well, and would interact with any virus present at time of application, but are not necessarily effective if re-exposed to the virus after having been applied.
I hope I'm clear in this post. If you have any questions, let me know.

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