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Established in 1988 as Total Leather Care and evolving a number of years later into Advanced Leather Solutions, Inc., a leather restoration and repair service company located in the San Francisco Bay area of Northern California, ADV Leather Inc. is the outgrowth of the products side of that business. For almost 30 years we provided local clients with solutions for leather repair and restoration issues, as well as leather restoration solutions for clients throughout North America, Canada, and the UK. Our product offerings received enthusiastic reviews by both the professional leather technician community, as well as clients looking for DIY leather restoration options and consumer leather care products, so we separated the product line from the services side of our business in 2017.

We are a family business, committed to providing the best leather repair and restoration products possible. Our objective is to be the absolute best at what we do. We have made a name for ourselves in the leather repair and leather restoration industry, and feel that we are a unique resource to this end.

Team Members

Kevin Gillan

Kevin Gillan (GM)

Kevin was the keynote speaker at three international symposiums regarding leather restoration and repair. He co-authored the industry's definitive text on leather restoration and repair - "Leather Technician's Field Guide" which is used by leather technicians around the world as the "bible" of leather repair. He and his team have trained dozens of leather technicians in the art of leather restoration, and produced many detailed, task-specific DVD's. He has posted over 70 YouTube "how-to" videos for resolution of leather problems and has over 1,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. He's been asked to consult with leather hide suppliers, furniture manufacturers, furniture retailers, and news media regarding product problems, including a recent trip to Italy where he worked with a chemical company that supplies leather finishing chemistry to tanneries throughout Europe and beyond. Kevin leads the team who for 28 years has repaired and restored leather furniture and has engineered the finest leather care, repair and restoration products available globally.

Yvonne Gillan

Yvonne Gillan (CEO/CFO)

In her own words - "Who knew that this is where I would end up? But, while it has been at times a bumpy ride, we have built a unique business. Excellence, ingenuity, and uncompromising quality of service have brought local, nation-wide, and (yes, really) worldwide recognition for raising the standard of this industry. I am responsible for only a part of the success of ADV Leather. I am surrounded by great talent, loyalty, persistence, integrity, and humility - all things that are essential for a successful business (or life, for that matter). My chief duties include upholstery, book-keeping, logistical direction, encouragement administration, and over-sight. I also answer the phone."

  • Associate Arts Degree - Music/ Piano, Shasta College, 1969
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree - Music/Piano - California State University, Chico
  • Masters Degree - Piano Performance & Accompanying - CSU, Chico
    Employment Experience:
  • Piano Instructor, Classroom Music K-12, Classroom Piano, Professional Accompanist - 1969-1989
  • Part-time office manager, Total Leather Care/The Leather Solution - August 1989-1994
  • Owner and office manager, The Leather Solution - 1994-1999
  • CEO/CFO, Advanced Leather Solutions, Inc. - 1999-2017
Jason Murray

Jason Murray (Senior Tech/IT)

In his own words - "I’ve been a technician with ADV Leather for 29 years, and senior technician since 1994. I do most of the color-matching for our company, our DIY clients, and our professional clients. We make our own restoration materials and systems, so I’m responsible for all product compounding, chemical engineering, R & D, and testing of the ADV Leather professional and consumer product lines. I manage all raw material vendor relations. I'm also the corporate IT guy. I’ve led the technical sessions at three international symposiums, and consult with technicians across the globe. I'm sure I would do something in my spare time, if I had any."

Carolyn Murray

Carolyn Murray (Marketing)

In her own words - "For the last 25 years I have had a front row seat to Jason’s journey as a leather technician. His passion and excellence have inspired me to join the team. In addition to being his wife, I am a mom (Jamie, Jake, and Madelyn Rose) and an educator (English and Theatre). When we decided to move to the bucolic (English teacher, remember?) Anderson, California, I decided to take up the task of marketing. It is a good fit for me because I am already an evangelist for Jason’s skills and products. I already have years of experience telling others about what our products can do. My goal is to share how effective our products are so that we can help technicians grow their businesses and help customers make their furniture beautiful again."

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