During the evaluation of your pieces for restoration or repair you may determine, with our input, that some areas of the leather are too seriously damaged or aged to be restored and require replacement. Areas that might fall into this category would include dog chews, large cuts or holes, severely pH-damaged leather, or leather simply at the end of its structural life. This does not mean that your piece cannot be saved. It simply means that the affected areas require replacement.

If the affected area is removable, it can be shipped to us and we can replace the leather for you. If it is not, and your geographic location does not permit access to our facility, you can utilize the services of a local upholsterer to do the replacement work for you.

For accurate matching of the leather (if we replace the leather for you), we need as large as sample as possible - one that shows the desired color and grain pattern of the target area to be matched. Small samples are very difficult to match from and can give a deceptive expression of the actual grain pattern in the area requiring replacement.

If you are using a local upholsterer to replace a damaged panel prior to using our DIY restoration kit, feel free to have him/her contact us to discuss the particulars of your specific leather needs. We will have analyzed your leather prior to the creation of your restoration kit, and can advise regarding appropriate leather type.

For further information, please email or call us at 1-800-541-5982.