Finished Leather Primer Resin (PR-2)

Description: PR-2 is a water-based resin, used to promote adhesion on leather surfaces that already have a finish or surface coating applied to them. PR-2 is designed to bond new finish to existing finishes. It is not recommended for use on unfinished leathers, or finished leathers where the existing coating is moderately to severely compromised. If PR-2 is able to penetrate into the inner fiber structure of a leather, it will significantly stiffen it.

Application: PR-2 should be reduced 1:3 with denatured alcohol or acetone. HDPE or PET plastic bottles are recommended.

The primer mixture can be applied with a sponge, foam block, or cotton rag in an over-lapping circular motion. It can also be used in conjunction with a mild abrasive pad or exfoliating glove provided the existing finish is intact, and will tolerate the application without compromising it.

Solvent handling and application procedures should be observed while applying the primer mixture (proper ventilation, respiratory protection, gloves, etc.).

The primer does not have an extended cure time. Once the carrier has evaporated, the area where the primer has been applied can have filler or colors applied immediately.

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