SG-4 Primer

Description: SG-4 is a ready-to-use, multi-purpose primer that is suitable for use on all types of leather except suede. It can help to correct pH, remove surface soiling, and increase adhesion. It is ready to use, and does not need to be mixed with any solvents. Because it is multi-purpose, it is not as specifically targeted as PR-1, and is not as effective in situations where adhesion is severely compromised due to environmental factors, such as the presence of silicone treatments, extreme oxidation, or extreme pH or sun damage.

Application: Please note: SG-4's pH correction attribute is most effective when applied to unfinished leather, where the primer can penetrate into the fiber structure. Its surface cleaning and adhesion promotion properties are equally effective on either finished or unfinished leathers.

SG-4 is ready to use. No dilution is necessary.

SG-4 can be applied with a sponge, foam block, cotton rag, or can be scrubbed in with an abrasive pad.

Solvent handling and application procedures should be observed while applying the primer mixture (proper ventilation, respiratory protection, gloves, etc.).

The primer does not have an extended cure time. Once the solvent has evaporated, the area where the primer was applied can have filler or colors applied immediately.

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