Color Coatings (CC-1 to CC-16)

Description: Our color coatings are a water-based, pigmented resin designed for both spray and rub-on applications on a wide range of leather types. They have been engineered for maximum flexibility and extension, and have good adhesive and cohesive properties. They are intended for use on most upholstery-grade leathers, including furniture and automotive applications.

The pigment-to-binder ratio in all of our color coatings is the same. However, the particulate size of each individual pigment varies, so the coverage per coat varies as well from color to color. A general rule of thumb is that as the chroma (purity or intensity) of the color increases, the pigment size diminishes, and the coverage is reduced. The following table outlines the coverage of our individual colors.

High-coverage Colors Medium-coverage Colors Lower-coverage Colors
CC-1 Black
CC-2 White
CC-7 Yellow Oxide
CC-9 Red Oxide
CC-14 HC Brown
CC-8 Orange
CC-10 Red
CC-4 Green
CC-3 Blue
CC-5 Organic Yellow
CC-11 Violet
CC-13 Organic Brown
CC-15 Lemon Yellow
CC-16 Purple

High and medium coverage colors would be used for a base-match, and lower coverage colors would be used for tinting.

Our color coatings need to be top-coated (a clear top-coat applied) subsequent to application. Besides determining the final sheen (reflective value) of the area to which it is applied, the top-coat provides the bulk of the chemical- and wear-resistance for that area. Alternately, RCA can be added directly to the color to fulfill the same function as top-coat.

Application: Our color coatings can be applied directly to the leather surface by sponge or brush (usually as a first coat, to enhance adhesion), or can be sprayed on, using an air-brush or HVLP spray system, depending on the scope of application.

Once applied, colors can air-dry (oxidation), or can be force-cured using a heat-gun or radiant heat source. Oxidation curing times will be dictated by ambient issues such as temperature or humidity.

As with most finish mediums, colors should be well-shaken and filtered prior to application.

All colors are water-based and non-toxic, though proper ventilation and safety measures are recommended.

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